Mission Statement

UNM New Mexico Child Abuse Prevention Partnership works collaboratively with our stakeholders to eliminate child maltreatment in New Mexico.

Problem Statement

New Mexico has among the highest rates of child abuse and maltreatment in the United States. This has major detrimental effects on the health and wellbeing of children and adults who have experienced child maltreatment and costs the citizens of New Mexico millions of dollars annually.


Prevent child abuse and maltreatment in New MexicoDevelop strong committed and sustainable partnerships with key stakeholders to develop strategies to work together to prevent child maltreatment.Educate state and community leaders and citizens of New Mexico on the impact of child maltreatment and on strategies to prevent child maltreatment.Establish a Chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America in New Mexico called UNM Prevent Child Abuse New Mexico.Develop a New Mexico Child Abuse Prevention plan


Current research on child maltreatment indicates that it leads to poor child physical, emotional, and social development.Current research indicates that child maltreatment leads to poor physical and mental health in child and adult survivors of child maltreatment.Data indicates that there are great societal benefits to breaking the multi-generational cycle of child maltreatmentCurrent research on child maltreatment indicates that it costs the citizens in the State of New Mexico millions of dollars annually due to legal and intervention costs.Data indicates investing in prevention generates returns in investment by savings for future interventions.


Child maltreatment is 100% preventable.Child maltreatment is under reported.Our children and communities are better served by preventing child maltreatment then dealing with the effects of child maltreatment.Prevention of child maltreatment requires a sustained commitment and partnership between state and local government agencies, service providers, advocacy groups, and families.

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